Our Crew & Team

Our Lifeboat crew and team at Sheerness are all volunteers except for Paul Jarvis who is the full time Coxswain/Mechanic.

Generally the station has between 25-30 voluntary crew at any one time between both boats who are all on pager 24/7, 365 days of the year. Our crew come from varied backgrounds and have vastly different day jobs, some working away in London while others in local shops and businesses.

In order to launch a Lifeboat the Coastguard request a tasking to our Launching Authority which is overseen by our Lifeboat Operations Manager, Nigel Budden. It is the responsibility of Nigel and our Deputy Launch Authority members to  page the crew and launch the boats. At that time crew are paged and muster at the station to go to sea and perform the tasking.

In order to be operational crew, each member undertakes extensive training and has the potential to learn and develop sea-going skills whether they are experienced seafarers or not. In fact it is most common for our crew not to not have a history at sea before joining the crew as is the extent of the training given by fellow crew and that of the RNLI in Poole.

If you are interested to join our crew and want to know more, you can get in touch with us and discuss it. We are always looking for new volunteers, please see here to contact us

 Sheerness Lifeboat Station Team


Nigel Budden
Lifeboat Operations Manager
Robin Castle MBE
Deputy Launch Authority
Paul Sands
Deputy Launching Authority
David Brown
Deputy Launching Authority
Clare Streater
Deputy Launching Authority
Vic Booth
Press Officer
Paul Jarvis
Coxswain / Mechanic & LTC
Clive Hancock
2nd Coxswain & ILB Helmsman
Steve Spoor
ALB Mechanic / Crew
Andy Barnes
ALB Navigator & ILB Helmsman
Andy Matthews
ALB Mechanic / Crew
Jason Bailey
ALB Crew
Tom Ware
ILB Helmsman & ALB Mech/Nav
Dan St John/Knight
ALB Crew
Malcolm Kemsley
ILB Helmsman & ALB Crew/Navigator
Dale Finnigan
ILB Helmsman & ALB Crew
Luke Harris
ILB & ALB Crew
Jason Strudwick
ILB & ALB Crew
Damo Bird
ILB & ALB Crew
Dan Monk
ILB & ALB Crew
Aaron Rogers
ILB & ALB Crew
Jack Smedley
ILB & ALB Crew
Rachel Collier
ILB & ALB Crew
Steve Elliott
ALB Crew
Gary Clements
ILB & ALB Crew
Reece Hancock
ILB & ALB Crew