9th April

Inshore lifeboat launched at 1341 to report from UK Coastguard of an injured person on board a moored yacht off Gillingham Strand, ILB advised that a man had fallen approximately 10ft from the mast on to another crewmember. ILB arrived on scene and one casualty care crewman was placed on board to assess the casualty, the ILB proceeded to Gillingham marina to collect a Paramedic. The Paramedic was placed on board the yacht and with the lifeboat crew assistance, the casualty was placed in a neck brace and onto a spinal board, the casualty was then transferred to the shore to awaiting ambulance. ILB returned to station at 1608. SW 2.

Inshore lifeboat launched again at 1902 to a craft reported aground at the M2 Bridge, Rochester. A second craft had gone to assist, but had also gone aground, the ILB crew were advised that a 13yr old boy had somehow crushed his fingers on the craft, the ILB once on scene, evacuated the boy to shore to ambulance, then returned to the craft and towed the craft to a mooring, the second craft had managed to free itself and returned to a mooring unaided. TheĀ ILB returned to station at 2125. Sw 3.