8th September

Inshore lifeboat launched at 0957 to report of person fallen down cliffs at Minster, on route advised that the person was a 17yr old male and Sheppey CRT and CG Helicopter Rescue 163 proceeding. ILB on scene at 1012 along with Rescue 163, who located the casualty on cliffs. ILB put two casualty care trained crew ashore to assist the helicopter’s paramedic in treating the casualty. With the ILB secured, the 3rd crew member assisted the team in placing the casualty in the helicopter’s stretcher, before the casualty was airlifted to hospital at 1148. With all crewmembers back onboard, the ILB returned to station at 1207 and after being re-fuelled, was ready for service at 1243. WSW 4.