8th June

Inshore lifeboat launched at 1928 to report of two adults and 2 children stranded on Hoo Island after their dinghy drifted away from them. ILB on scene at 1954, directed to casualties position by Medway CRT. All four persons were taken onboard the ILB and their dinghy retrieved, The two children were landed at Gillingham Marina pontoon and the two adults landed at Gillingham Strand, along with their dinghy, with all safe ashore, the ILB was released at 2024.

At approx. 2038, the ILB was re-tasked to a report of a person in the water at Warden Point, the ILB arriving on scene at 2100, the crew stood off whilst Kent Police dealt with incident, with everyone safe ashore, the ILB was released at 2122, being back on station and ready for service at 2224. SW 4/5.