8th April

Inshore lifeboat launched at 1531 to report of person in the water just above Rochester rail bridge, Police and Cg in attendance. ILB arrived on scene and was directed to object in the river, upon investigation, the ILB located an empty sleeping bag, which was recovered and handed over to CG ashore. The ILB was then released and returned to station at 1650, whilst being re-housed, the ILB was tasked again and re-launched at 1710 to a report of a jet skier in trouble off Hooness, the ILB made its way to the area, but could not find any jet skier. After further investigation, a small rowing boat with two occupants were seen coming ashore, after a discussion between the CG and 1st informant, it was confirmed as the craft the 1st informant had seen, ILB checked and all okay onboard. ILB released and returned to station at 1756, ready for service at 1823. Estly 2.