7th November

The Sheerness all-weather lifeboat Judith Copping Joyce was tasked by the UK Coastguard at 4.20am on Sunday 7 November to take over the tow of a 21 foot yacht, which had lost its rudder, from the Southend RNLI Atlantic class lifeboatĀ  “Julia and Angus Wright”.
Launching at 4.34am with a crew of six the ALB was on the scene at 5.15am and within 10 minutes had taken over the tow from the Southend crew.
The casualty vessel with two people onboard was towed in Queenborough Harbour and secured on the all-tide landing at 7.45am.
The lifeboat was stood down at 7.55am and was back on her mooring and ready for service again at 8.45am.
Wind NNW F3 with good visibility, clear skies and calm seas