7th June

The inshore lifeboat was tasked again on Sunday 7 June at 1342 after a call to the UK Coastguard reported that 2 persons was potentially cut off by the tide in the vicinity of Royal Oak Point having been seen walking in that direction, but had not returned as the tide was flooding. Launching at 1357 with a crew of three the ILB arrived on scene at 1410 where they spoke to two anglers who said they were aware of the tides and would be returning as the tide receded. Although the incident is classed as false alarm good intent this was exactly the right action taken by a vigilant member of the public. The lifeboat was back on station and ready for service again at 1445. NNW 4.
Not to be left out whilst this was going on yet another call came in from the UK Coastguard tasking the all-weather lifeboat to assist a 50-foot vessel with three people on-board that was in trouble off Garrison Point after suffering mechanical problems. The lifeboat was subsequently stood down at 1415 after the request was cancelled. As the crew were already onboard the ALB but did not launch the incident is classed as a ‘crew assembly’.
And finally, to end the weekend the ILB crew were paged at 1617in response to reports that a person had been in the water at Sun Pier, Chatham and was now in a small tender but having difficulty making their way to safety. Having launched at 1633 the ILB was immediately stood down after the UK Coastguard confirmed that Kent Fire and Rescue were on the scene and resolving the situation.