7th July

The volunteer crew of the Sheerness RNLI inshore lifeboat were tasked at 0006 on Tuesday 7 July to reports of a small dory type craft, with one man onboard, that was taking on water and sinking in the vicinity of S1 buoy in Queenborough Harbour.
Having launched with a crew of four at 0025 the casualty was located at 0035. A local fishing boat was already on the scene and giving assistance to the now partly submerged vessel and its occupant who was still onboard.
The man who was very cold and wet was quickly transferred to the lifeboat and taken back to the shore where he was handed into the care of the Sheppey Coastguard Rescue Team whilst waiting for an ambulance,which had been requested as a precaution due to him having been water.
With the ambulance crew on scene and checking the casualty a second man turned up and reported that he had been with the boat but had managed to get back to shore. This chap,who was also very cold and wet,was also checked over by the medics.
Whilst this was going on the lifeboat had returned to the by now mostly submerged craft where a towline was attached and from there they were able to tow it to a safer position closer to shore.
The lifeboat was released by the UK Coastguard at 0120 and was back on station at 0130 where it was refuelled and ready for service again at 0155.  NW 3/4.