7th April

Inshore lifeboat launched at 1826 to report of small dinghy drifting approx. 1nm off Allhallows, the ILB arrived in area and with nothing sighted commenced a search of the area, which was extended further Eastwards, with the onset of darkness and still nothing found, the UKCG requested the All weather lifeboat also launch at 2013 to assist in the search, the ALB carried out a search between the Great Nore anchorage and Shoebury beacon, whilst the ILB searched further around the Montgomery Wreck/Medway Channel area, the search was also joined by a Border Force RHIB and coastguard Rescue teams from Medway, Sheppey, Canvey and Southend. With nothing found, the search units were stood down at 2226, the ILB and ALB returning to station and being ready for service at 2313. SSW 2/3.