6th October

Sheerness all-weather lifeboat ‘Judith Copping Joyce’ was requested to launch at 11:17  on Wednesday 6 October by the UK Coastguard in response to reports of an EPIRB (emergency position indicating radio beacon) signal in the vicinity of St Mary’s Island, River Medway.
Launching at 11:34 with a crew of six the ALB was on scene at 12:10.
R163 Coastguard Helicopter which had also been tasked was on scene at 12:15.
After searching the area from which the signal had been transmitting and with nothing untoward found the lifeboat and the helicopter began a search back down river.
At 13:30 the UK Coastguard Requested that the ALB and helicopter both re-task to reports of a person in the water at St Mary’s Island.
At 13:45 the duty Sheerness RNLI DLA (deputy launching authority) spoke to Medway Yacht Club who confirmed that the person in the water was a regular swimmer in the area. With this information the UK Coastguard confirmed at 14:15 that the person was accounted for and the ALB could stand down from this incident.
The lifeboat then continued back towards station keeping a look out for anything untoward as regards the EPIRB incident.
The ALB returned to moorings at 14:51.
Wind WNW 21-25 KNOTS, sea state Slight, visibility Good.