6th June

Kayakers rescued by Sheerness RNLI Lifeboats at the start of another busy weekend for the crew.
Whilst out on a call to rescue a lone kayaker in the River Medway a further call was relayed to the lifeboats that another five kayakers were in trouble further up river.
The volunteer crew of both the Sheerness RNLI lifeboats were tasked by the UK Coastguard at 1342 on Saturday 6 June to reports of a lone kayaker in difficulties and stranded on Darnett Ness which is one of many islands in the Medway Estuary. Both the Sheerness lifeboats were launched due to weather and tidal conditions in the area at the time.
The inshore lifeboat with a crew of three and the all-weather lifeboat with a crew of six launched together at 1400 with the ALB providing cover for the ILB in the poor conditions. The ILB located the kayaker, a man in his late 60’s, on Darnett Ness at 1430. Being wet and extremely cold he was quickly taken onboard the ILB and then transported to the ALB which was some distance away due to the shallow water. Once onboard the ALB the man was taken to the fuel pontoon at Gillingham marina where he was handed into the care of the local coastguard rescue team.
Having just landed the man ashore a further call came in from the UK Coastguard reporting that a further five kayakers were in trouble at Hoo Island and needed assistance due to the weather conditions. Once located the five young men, two of whom were extremely cold bordering on hypothermic, were extracted by the ILB crew and put onboard the bigger boat to also be taken to the pontoon at Gillingham Marina. This incident was not related to the previous one. Wind WSW F6/7,sea state moderate, visibility fair.
Later that day at 2035 the ILB was tasked to assist in a multi-agency incident at Rochester. With the incident resolved the ILB was stood down at 2140 and returned to station. NW 4.