6th August

The new Sheerness RNLI Shannon class lifeboat ‘Judith Copping Joyce’ attended their first incident since going into operational service exactly a week earlier.
The all-weather lifeboat was tasked by the UK Coastguard at 17:45 on Friday 6 August in response to reports of a Pan Pan signal being received (A pan-pan call is warranted to attempt urgent radio contact with an approaching vessel that may be in danger or is approaching a dangerous close-quarters situation that would risk collision.)
The call was received from what was initially reported as a 16 foot yacht with two people onboard, but which ultimately turned out to be be a 16 metre craft, that had had suffered a major electrical failure resulting in total loss of all navigational aids and VHF equipment in a busy shipping area North of the Redsands Towers in the Thames estuary approximately 11 miles from Sheerness.
The position of a likely Radar target for the casualty vessel was given by the UK Coastguard who were receiving sporadic communications with the vessel by a hand held VHF radio.
Having launched the lifeboat was given up-dated information about the position of the casualty and making best speed the ALB was alongside the yacht at 18:36.
Having checked that the three people were all ok the lifeboat then escorted the craft to the safety of Queenborough Harbour and was released at 19:48
The lifeboat was back on station and ready for further service at 20:30.
Wind SSW force 4 to 5,sea state slight.