4th/5th September

ILB tasked to report of person entered the water at Sheerness, ILB stood down before launch, person safe with Police and Cg.

The first call from the UK Coastguard tasked the inshore lifeboat to provide safety cover in a multi-agency incident at Rochester.                                  The volunteer crew of the Sheerness relief inshore lifeboat ‘Ole Schroder’ were tasked at 2002 on Friday 4 September by the UK Coastguard to provide safety cover whilst a multi-agency incident was taking place on the River Medway near Rochester. Launching at 2018, with a crew of three, the lifeboat was on scene at 2050. With the incident ongoing, at 0130 the next day the decision was taken to effect a crew change but to avoid the lifeboat having to leave the scene the Lifeboat Operations Manager, liased with the UK Coastguard and arranged for the Sheppey Coastguard Rescue Team to transport three relief crew members from the Lifeboat station at Sheerness to the incident scene at Rochester and then return the existing crew back to Sheerness. With the relief crew on scene at Rochester continuing to provide safety cover the original crew arrived back on station at Sheerness 0325 where they found that the all-weather-lifeboat had just been tasked by the UK Coastguard to respond to reports that a 10 mtr, 35 tonne fishing trawler had fouled its nets and propeller on an underwater obstacle close to No4 Buoy in the Medway approach channel.                                                               Without hesitation the three crew members promptly changed out of their ILB Drysuits and put on their all weather gear to join the crew who had been paged to man the ALB. Launching at 0335 the lifeboat located the casualty trawler with two crew members onboard at 0350. A tow line was passed across from the lifeboat which enabled the trawler crew to cut away their gear from the large obstacle they were caught up on.The lifeboat was then able to tow the casualty back to Queenborough Harbour where it was safely secured at 0515. The ALB returned to station at 0530 which coincided with the arrival of the ILB which had been stood down at 0450 after the Rochester incident had been resolved. Both lifeboats were ready for service again at 0550. WSW 3/4