3rd September

ILB tasked to report of Kite Surfer in difficulties off Minster Shingle bank, stood down before launch, casualty safe ashore.

ILB tasked at 20:50 to respond to reports of a 65 year old male with chest pains who was onboardĀ  a vessel on the River Medway, oppositeĀ  Command House Chatham. ILB launched at 21:02 with a crew of 3 onboard and was on scene at 21:37. Once on scene it was immediately apparent that the person was indeed in need of medical attention – the crew swiftly extracted him from his vessel and transported him the short distance to Sun Pier and into the care of the awaiting Ambulance. The ILB was released from the incident at 21:58 , returning to station at 22:37, refuelled, washed down and was ready for service at 23:00. WSW 4/5.