3rd August

Sheerness ILB was tasked at 15:18 by the UK Coastguard in response to reports of a cabin cruiser with 2 POB that had run aground on the West Shore of the Isle of Grain, within site of the boathouse. Launching with a crew of 3 at 15:32 the ILB was on scene at 15:35. With the tide now flooding and with an ILB crew member onboard the casualty vessel was soon underway and the ILB escorted them into Queenborough Harbour and onto the All Tide Landing and into the care of Sheppey CRT at 16:10.

As soon as the ILB had finished they made their way to another casualty vessel a short distance away at Black Stakes moorings the UK Coastguard had tasked them to, which had also gone aground. On arrival at the 2nd casualty vessel at 16:15 the crew assisted with the retrieval of the anchor and the vessel was underway at 16:25. The ILB was released at 16:25, returning to moorings at 16:40 and was ready for service at 17:00. ENE 3/4.