30th May

The volunteer crew of the Sheerness inshore lifeboat were tasked by the UK Coastguard at 1618 on Saturday 30 May 2020 to reports of two people cut off by the tide on Grain Fort, Isle of Grain.
The lifeboat launched at 1633 with a crew of three and arrived at the fort,which is directly opposite the Lifeboat station across the estuary, at 1637.
The young couple were taken onboard the lifeboat with the crew wearing the required PPE whilst observing all RNLI Covid-19 protocols where possible in the circumstances.
With weather and tidal conditions unsuitable to be able to take the couple ashore at Grain the decision was made to take them back to the Lifeboat station where they could be picked up by a relative.
Having arrived back at the boathouse at 1647 the two were landed safely ashore where they were given safety advice which hopefully they will remember.
Whilst the crew were preparing to lift the ILB from the water a further call came in at 1700 from the UK Coastguard with reports of a Jet Skier overdue in returning back to the Shingle Bank,Minster.
With the crew onboard a search was immediately commenced in the area from Garrison Point towards Minster Beach. A further call from the Coastguard at 1718 reported that the Jet skier had now returned and the ILB could stand down.
Back on station at 1730 the lifeboat was re-fuelled,cleaned down and made ready for further service.
Wind E force 4 to 5.