30th June

Sheerness all weather lifeboat launched 1230 in response to a call from the UK Coastguard reporting a PLB (personal locator beacon) signal had been received.
Having launched with a crew of six onboard the lifeboat was requested to commence a search from the Isle of Grain in a Easterly direction to the Whitstable Flats, utilising the lifeboat directional finding equipment to pick up any signal from the PLB. The lifeboat crew also commenced a visual search of theb area being covered.
Further search coverage was provided by a UK Coastguard helicopter using its DF equipment in an area further south so that full coverage of the 8.3 mile radius the UK Coastguard had calculated the PLB to be located in.
The lifeboat was stood down after an extensive search of the area reported ‘nothing heard’.
The lifeboat returned to its moorings at 1502. W F4/5.