2nd May

All weather lifeboat launched at 0235 to a report of a 39ft Dutch Cruiser with 1 person on board, broken down and at anchor, 1 mile west of Southend Pier. ALB arrived in area at 0251, nothing visual or on radar, with mobile phone the only means of communication, the UKCG were asked to get further info from casualty on what they could see. The lifeboat fired two white parachute illuminating¬† flares in the hope og getting a response, shortly after, a white flashing light was seen in a position at the top end of “Ray Gut” off Southend. With a falling tide and insufficient water for the ALB, Southend Lifeboat was requested, once on scene, the Southend lifeboat towed the casualty into deeper water and headed for a safe mooring. The ALB was released and returned to station at 0502. Sthly 3/4.