2nd March

Inshore lifeboat launched at 1904 after being tasked by UKCG to a report of a person stuck in the mud at base of cliffs, somewhere between Eastchurch and Minster. Going on the information provided, the lifeboat proceeded to the Eastchurch area, where the casualty using his mobile phone torch would try and attract the attention of the lifeboat crew. After sighting a light ashore, the lifeboat proceeded to that location, only to find a fisherman angling, another light was soon sighted to the West in the area of Bell Farm Lane, making best speed towards this light, the ILB located the casualty stuck in the mud almost up to his thighs, with the tide still flooding, it was decided to leave one crew member with the ILB, whilst the other three crew went ashore, where they managed to successfully extract the person by digging him out with their hands. With the person safely free of the mud, he was carried to the ILB, where due to suffering from Hypothermia, he was wrapped in a survival blanket and protective balaclava, an ambulance was requested to meet the ILB at Sheppey Yacht Club slipway. On arrival, the person was transported ashore by Sheppey CG stretcher to await the ambulance. The ILB was released at 2012 to return to station and after a thorough clean of boat and equipment, was once again ready for service at 2105. Wind WSW 4/5.