28th November

All weather lifeboat tasked at 15:22 to 17ft Angling Boat broken down and drifting, craft lost anchor, just South of Sea Reach No 1, 3 persons onboard. ALB launched at 15:40 with crew of six, proceeding to area, a commercial Fishing vessel in area, reported he could see vessel, which was trying to start their outboard, but appeared to keep stopping. ALB on scene at 15:55, all 3 persons were okay and declined the offer to go onboard the ALB, a tow was set and the casualty craft was safely under tow at 16:00. The tow passed without incident, the casualty craft being secured on the ATL, Queenborough at 16:50, being met by Sheppey CRT. ALB returned to station at 17:08.