28th July

Inshore lifeboat launched at 1203 to report of 3 Kayakers in difficulty off Nore Marsh, River Medway, ILB made best speed in the prevailing weather, advised by CG that the kayakers were being observed by two yachts. ILB on scene at 1234, 1 kayaker had been recovered by one of the yachts and the other two were last seen trying to make the shore. ILB commenced a search of the marshes and creeks, the ILB located the 2 kayakers ashore on Bishops marsh at 1300, both were cold and wet and were taken on board the ILB, where they were landed ashore to Medway CRT at Riverside country park, the ILB returned to the marsh to recovere their kayaks, once safely ashore, the ILB returned to the yacht to recover the 3rd kayaker, who was also landed ashore to Cg. ILB returned to station at 1415, ready for service at 1450. SW 6 gusting 8.