26th July

calloutsInshore lifeboat returning to station from previous service, when at approx 1849, it came across three persons in the water from a jet ski close to the shore at the Lappel bank, as the ILB approached, the three persons could be seen seen attempting to climb back onboard causing the jet ski to capsize, all three persons now floundering in the water. ILB recovered all persons from the water, suffering from cold and shock, ILB immediately returned to Queenborough to land them, Sheppey CG requested. ILB landed the persons along with an ILB crew member to await Cg. ILB returned to jet ski, which was now close to the rocks and further downstream, ILB managed to get a line onboard and tow the semi-submerged jet ski to the camber at Sheerness. once secure, the ILb returned to Queenborough to collect crew member, then returned to station at 2015. SW 3.