25th June

Inshore lifeboat launched at 0031 to yacht aground in Stoke Creek, River Medway. On scene at 0100, tow established and the yacht was towed clear of the marsh into deeper water and then towed to a safe mooring further up the creek. The ILB was released and returned to station at 0211. SW 4/5.

All weather lifeboat launched at 1940 to report of a single handed 23ft yacht broken down and drifting, initial position placed to the East of Southend Pier, lifeboat attempted to D/F the casualty, but nothing heard, the lifeboat was then directed to search to the North West of the Kentish Windfarm, still nothing visual or no contact on radio, whilst continuing the search, a message was received by an outward bound vessel, who had sighted a craft answering the description in the area of the Maplin buoy. Lifeboat proceeded to the location and located the drifting craft, person onboard okay, a tow was established and the craft was towed back to Queenborough harbour, where it was finally secured at 2324, lifeboat returned to station and was ready for service at 2355. SW 6.