24th July

At 2016 the Inshore lifeboat was tasked to reports of a person in the water at Rochester on the River Medway.
Launching at 2030 with a crew of three on board the lifeboat was informed by the UK Coastguard that the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter had also been tasked to attend the incident. At 2045 it was confirmed by the UK Coastguard that the person had subsequently been recovered from the water at Gas House Point, Rochester and was in the care of the Medway Coastguard Rescue Team and a Kent Ambulance crew.
The lifeboat and Rescue helicopter were both released from the incident.
The ILB returned to Station at 2100 and was re-fuelled and made ready for service
SW 4.

With some of the crew still at the station preparing to return home the UK Coastguard paged the ILB crew again at 2130 to respond to reports of a dinghy in the vicinity of Hoo Island, in the River Medway, that had been seen with three people on board and was thought to be in need of assistance.
Launching at 2142 with a crew of three the ILB arrived on scene at 2200.
With the tide Ebbing and less than an hour to low water the ILB crew searched along the Northern side of Hoo Island and along Middle Creek, as far as they could safely navigate, with nothing untoward found.
Relocating to the Southern side of the Island the ILB launched a white parachute flare to illuminate the area, again nothing was seen. The Coastguard Rescue Helicopter, which had also been tasked for the second time that evening, arrived on scene and began a FLIR (forward looking infra-red) search of the entire area which again revealed nothing ,so the decision was made to release the lifeboat and the helicopter at 2320.
The ILB returned to Station at 2355, re-fuelled and made ready for further service
Sthly  3.