24th April

Sheerness and Southend RNLI lifeboat crews rescued two jet skiers and their craft who had run aground on Grain Spit in the Thames estuary
The volunteer crew of the Sheerness inshore lifeboat ‘Buster’ were tasked by the UK Coastguard at 14:48 on Saturday 24 April to reports of two jet skiers aground on Grain Spit, a short distance from the Lifeboat Station at Garrison Point, Sheerness.
Launching at 15:04 on an ebbing tide with a crew of three the Lifeboat was on scene at 15:16, where it was immediately apparent that due to the state of the tide the ILB would not be able to get close to the jet skiers and their craft which were now sitting high and dry.
After consulting with the UK Coastguard, the decision was made that a crew member from the lifeboat would make way on foot across the mud to the casualties and that at the same time the Southend Hovercraft would be tasked to come and assist.
With the Sheerness lifeboat crew member along with the Southend Hovercraft crew on scene the jet skiers and their craft were then transported back to deeper water.
With the two people reporting that they were OK they were then escorted by the Sheerness ILB back to Queenborough Harbour from where they then made their own way back to the original launch site at the Kingsferry Bridge where they were met by the Sheppey Coastguard Rescue Team.
The Lifeboat was released from the incident at 16:07 and was back on station at 16:12, cleaned, refuelled and ready for service at 16:30.
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