23rd June

All weather lifeboat launched at 2018 to 22ft Yacht with 2 persons onboard, unable to make any headway in prevailing weather, initial position given as off Kentish Windfarm/Whitstable area. ALB proceeded and eventually located the craft to the South East of the windfarm, in choppy conditions after several attempts, a crewman was placed onboard and a tow was established, due to the conditions and size of craft, the tow proceeded at a slow speed until in the lee of the land, where it was more comfortable. The craft was eventually secured in Queenborough harbour at 2325. The lifeboat returned to station at 2337. Sthly 4/5.

Inshore lifeboat launched at 2115 to 20ft cabin Cruiser reported aground on mud in Limehouse Reach, River Medway. ILB arrived on scene at 2200, tow secured and the craft refloated and towed back to Sun Pier, Chatham, where they were met by Medway CG. ILB returned to station at 2326. Sthly 4/5.