23rd July

The Sheerness RNLI launched to rescue two jet skiers in trouble after they had run aground in East Swale
The volunteer crew of the Sheerness inshore lifeboat were tasked by the UK Coastguard on Friday 23 July 2021 to two jet skiers and their craft that were reported aground in East Swale in the area of No.10 Buoy.
The lifeboat launched at 16:41and arrived on scene at 17:05 where one of the casualties was spotted approximately 220 yards across deep mud from their position. The second craft was located a further 200 yards or so further away.
With no access possible for the lifeboat a crew member made his way, cautiously and with difficulty, across the mud to the first casualty where he assessed the situation.
After consultation with the casualties and the lifeboat helm it was considered by all that it would be too dangerous to attempt to extract the casualties across the mud .With this in mind the crew member returned to the lifeboat where he reported that both persons were very cold and were wearing totally inadequate clothing. Other search and rescue assets were considered but found to be unavailable.
After further discussion with the UK Coastguard it was decided that two ‘mud technicians’ from the Sheppey Coastguard Rescue Team would attempt a rescue using their mud equipment. With the decision made the lifeboat returned to Kingsferry Bridge where the two Sheppey Coastguard members were taken onboard and ferried out to the casualties’ position.
With their equipment deployed the two Coastguards were able to safely reach the casualties who were then recovered back to the lifeboat with their jet skis being left in situ.
Having returned the two men back to Kingsferry Bridge into the care of the Sheppey Coastguard Rescue Team at 19:15 the lifeboat then returned to collect the two very muddy ‘mud technicians’ and their equipment which was safely achieved at 19:35.
The lifeboat was released from the incident and returned to station at 19:52 nd following a thorough cleaning and refuelling was ready for further service at 20:30. Wind ENE F5.