23rd July

Inshore lifeboat was tasked at 1737 to report of a Jet Ski with 2 persons onboard in difficulties off Minster Shingle Bank, ILB launched and proceeding at 1751. The Inshore lifeboat was stood down at 1753, casualty craft and occupants safe ashore, ILB returned to station and ready for service at 1820. SW 4/5.

Inshore lifeboat tasked at 2003 to report of a two man Kayak aground near No 24/26 buoy’s River Medway. ILB launched at 2017 with a crew of three arriving on scene at 2037, Kayak aground approx 15 metres from the water’s edge, one crewman from the ILB made his way across the soft mud to the Kayak, one person extremely cold, ILB crew member assisted the occupants back to the ILB one at a time, once both onboard, they were taken to the fuel pontoon at Gillingham marina, where they were met by Medway CRT and an Ambulance. ILB then returned to the Kayak, where it was safely recovered and brought back to station, ILB arriving at 2135, after a thorough deep clean, the ILB was ready fro service at 2220. SW 4.

Whilst the Inshore lifeboat was on service upriver, theĀ  All weather lifeboat was tasked at 2049 to a 36Ft Yacht in difficulties approx 4 Miles NE of Leysdown, Isle of Sheppey with 4 persons onboard. The ALB launched at 2105, making its way to the casualties position, who had suffered an over heating engine. ALB established comms with the yacht and arrived on scene at 2143, after checking occupants were all okay, the yacht was taken under tow at 2155, proceeding towards the Medway. The casualty craft was secured on a visitors mooring in Queenborough, the ALB returning to station and ready for service at 0030. WSW 3.