23rd August

Inshore lifeboat ‘Buster’ were tasked at 0942 on Friday 23 August by the UK Coastguard to reports of a vessel with a fouled propeller, located to the North of the Isle of Grain. The Lifeboat, with 2 crew onboard launched at 0954 and was on the scene at 1007. On arrival it was apparent the casualty vessel was aground, with the tide still falling. After communicating with the vessel via VHF the 2 persons on board decided to stay on board and wait for the next high tide to re-float their craft. They were advised by the lifeboat crew to put their anchor out, which they did. After passing this information to the UK Coastguard the Lifeboat was released at 1023, returned to station at 1035 and was refuelled and ready for service at 1055. Variable, light airs.