22nd May

The inshore lifeboat (ILB) ‘Buster’ launched with a crew of three at 1805 on Friday 22 May after being tasked by the UK Coastguard to reports of a small tender with one man onboard that was in difficulties near the Kingsnorth Jetty in the River Medway. Having arrived at the given location at 1838 and with nothing found an update was received giving further information that the casualty was located further East in the area of Dam Head Creek. The crew located the casualty at 1855 and whilst dealing with this incident a priority call was put through to the ILB from the UK Coastguard directing the crew to head to Gillingham Strand to assist in a multi-agency incident taking place there. Whilst still on route to Gillingham the crew received a call at 1820 informing that they stand down as this incident had been resolved. The ILB immediately turned around and headed back to assist the man in the first incident. Having arrived back at Dam Head Creek and with tidal conditions now unfavourable the man was taken onboard the lifeboat and brought back to the lifeboat station and taken ashore at 2055.
Wind SSW 22-25knots.
Whilst the ILB was attending to these incidents another call was made from the UK Coastguard at 1909 tasking the all-weather lifeboat (ALB) ‘George and Ivy Swanson’ to assist a 20-foot Dayboat that was in difficulties off Garrison Point after having mechanical problems. Having launched with a crew of five the ALB quickly located the casualty craft which was then taken under tow to the all tide landing in Queenborough Harbour where it was safely secured at 2005. ALB back on station at 2014.