21st November

Inshore lifeboat launched at 1430 to report of dog cut off by the tide on Stoke Marshes, the owner was concerned and unable to recall his dog, the ILB arrived on scene and located the dog and safely recovered it from the marshy outcrop and re-united it with his owner, the owner and dog were landed ashore to be met by Medway CG. The ILB then returned to station at 1530. SW 5.

All weather lifeboat launched at 2140 to 24ft craft aground on Maplin Sands, one person and dog onboard, as the person had health issues, the UKCG were concerned for his safety. ALB on scene in area at 2230, followed by the Southend Lifeboat, two crew from the ALB were transferred to Southend, who then creeped in across the sands to the casualty, ALB crew transferred to craft and a tow was connected, the Southend L/B making their way out into deeper water, where the tow was transferred to the ALB at 0010, the ALB then made the slow passage back to Sheerness, due to the size of the craft and the prevailing weather. The casualty was eventually secured in Queenborough Harbour at 0235, being met by Sheppey Cg, who took the person and his dog ashore to await an ambulance, the ALB crew then pumped out the craft as it had shipped a considerable amount of water on the tow back. Once all clear, the ALB departed Queenborough and returned to station at 0325, being ready for service at 0400. SW 8.