21st June

Sheerness inshore lifeboat crew were called out twice on Sunday 21 June to separate incidents involving pleasure craft on the Isle of Sheppey. The first incident involved two adults and four children, the second saw three adults  guided to safety after abandoning their speedboat which had sunk off the Sheppey coast.
The volunteer crew of the Sheerness inshore lifeboat were tasked by the UK Coastguard at 1446 on Sunday 21 June to reports of a 15’ motor vessel that had engine problems in the vicinity of Ridham Dock, The Swale. There were 6 people on board, 2 adults & 4 children.
Launching with a crew of 3 at 1455 the ILB was subsequently stood down at 1520 as the the occupants were reported safely ashore having been assisted by the Sheppey Coastguard Rescue Team. The ILB returned to Station at 1547, was refuelled and made ready for further service. SW F4/5.

The inshore lifeboat launched again at 2023 to reports of 3 persons in a speedboat reportedly in trouble in between Whitstable and Warden Bay. Whilst on route an update from the UK Coastguard reported that the speedboat had now sunk and that the occupants were ashore and in touch by mobile phone with the Coastguard but were unsure of their position. Whitstable Lifeboat, who had also been tasked ,was on scene followed shortly by the Sheerness lifeboat. With both boats commencing a search,initially people were spotted on the mud near the shore but it was soon confirmed by the Sheppey Coastguard Rescue Team that they were in fact bait diggers.
In the meantime the UK Coastguard at , who were co-ordinating the search, had the occupants of the sunken vessel download the what3words app to their phone. By using the what3words app the Coastguard was able to update the location of the casualties, which was to the east of the boom at Minster,and direct them to safety. The three,who were very cold and wet were guided to the eastern end of The Leas where they were met by the Sheppey Coastguard Rescue Team and a Kent Ambulance crew.
The ILB was stood down at 2123 , returning to station at 2147, refuelled and made ready for service. W F4/5.
Footnote: The what3words app.helps you find and share your precise location.
It is used by all the Emergency services. It is available to everyone and as in the case above can get help to you in an emergency.
This app divides the world up into 3 metre squares. Then gives each square a unique 3 word code that you give to the Emergency service and they can pinpoint to within 3 metres of where you are. Link below.