20th August

All weather lifeboat launched at 1035 to 10 Mtr Motor Sailer, with engine failure and experiencing difficulty in sailing back in, current position near Knock John Tower, some 17 miles from station. ALB was on scene at 1135, all 3 persons onboard craft okay, a tow was established and the craft was towed back into Queenborough harbour, being finally secured alongside at 1450. Wstly 5.

Inshore lifeboat proceeding to Lifeboat Open Day towed the small Yacht, that was in trouble the previous evening from the Lower Camber basin to Queenborough, securing it at 1115. Wstly 4.

Whilst at Open Day, the Inshore lifeboat was tasked to a40ft Dutch Yacht with a fouled propeller in Queenborough Harbour, with the assistance of Queenborough Harbour Trot Boat, they freed the yacht from the mooring’s and anchored it in a position where the craft could dry out at L.W. The ILB then returned to Open Day duties at 1310. Wstly 4.