20th April

All weather lifeboat launched at 2048 to 25ft Yacht unsure of its position after suffering engine failure after leaving Faversham bound for Walton, two persons onboard, with limited communicatons, the ALB was tasked to search Eastwards. After further investigation by UKCG, a further updated position was given and with the assistance of rescue helicopter 163, the casualty was located by the helicopter to the NE of the Red Sand Towers, the helicopter illuminated the casualty until the arrival of the lifeboat at 2114, once alongside, the two occupants requested to be taken off along with their two small dogs, this was safely done and two ALB crew were placed onboard to secure the tow, which was secured at 2123, the tow back to harbour passed without incident and the craft was secured in Queenborough harbour at 2310, being met by Sheppey CRT. The lifeboat was released and returned to station, being ready for service at 2346. Estly Lt Airs.