23rd October

The Inshore lifeboat was tasked at 16:47 on Saturday 23 October by the UK Coastguard to respond to reports of an intoxicated person in the sea opposite Tesco’s on Sheerness Seafront.
Launching at 17:00 with a crew of three the ILB was on scene 6 minutes later.
The casualty was found to be on shore and Sheppey Coastguard Rescue Team were also in attendance.
The ILB was released at 17:52 returning to station five minutes later and was ready for service again at 18:30.
Weather overcast, Wind S F2, Sea state calm. visibility good.

21st October

Sheerness RNLI inshore lifeboat launched on 21 October to incident off Sheerness.
The volunteer crew of the Sheerness inshore lifeboat Buster were tasked by the UK Coastguard on Thursday 21 October at 15:48 to reports of a windsurfer potentially in difficulty on the Shingle Bank with unconfirmed reports that someone may have gone into the sea to assist.
Having just returned to station after being at sea on exercise and with the lifeboat still in the water with a crew of three the ILB was on scene 5 minutes later and was stood down at 16:00 when it was confirmed by the UK Coastguard via Sheppey Coastguard Rescue Team that the person in question was safely on the beach having swum their windsurfing rig back to the beach after the wind had dropped.
Weather clear skies, Wind F5 NW, Sea state moderate, visibility good.
19th October

19th October

Sheerness Inshore lifeboat was tasked at 15:00 to a multi -agency incident in the Rochester area, the lifeboat was stood down at 16:10 and returned to station at 16:45 after the incident was resolved. Wind SW F6, slight seas and good viz.

16th October

16th October

Sheerness Inshore lifeboat was tasked tasked to assist a multi-agency incident close to the M2 bridge,Rochester. With a crew of three the lifeboat was launched at 01:15 and was on scene at 01:50 and was subsequently stood down at 04:10 and back on station at 04:45 after the situation was resolved.
Wind Westerly 2 with calm seas and good visibility.

10th October

10th October

Sheerness ALB was tasked at 02:07 on 10 October by the UK Coastguard to assist an eight-meter Sea-Ray Motor Cruiser with three people onboard which had gone aground on Grain Hard, which is a short distance from the Lifeboat Station at Garrison Point across the estuary mouth.
Launching in thick fog at 02:27  with a crew of six the Lifeboat was with the casualty vessel at 02:40.
Due to the lack of visibility, it was decided that the safest option was to lash the casualty vessel alongside the lifeboat and tow it back to the safety of Queenborough Harbour. Once alongside All-Tide Landing the casualty was released and at 03:41 the ALB commenced the short journey back to its moorings at Sheerness, arriving back at 04:04.
Thick Fog, Wind SW F1, sea state calm, visibility Very Poor., down to 1 Cable or less (appx. 160 mtrs)

6th October

Sheerness all-weather lifeboat ‘Judith Copping Joyce’ was requested to launch at 11:17  on Wednesday 6 October by the UK Coastguard in response to reports of an EPIRB (emergency position indicating radio beacon) signal in the vicinity of St Mary’s Island, River Medway.
Launching at 11:34 with a crew of six the ALB was on scene at 12:10.
R163 Coastguard Helicopter which had also been tasked was on scene at 12:15.
After searching the area from which the signal had been transmitting and with nothing untoward found the lifeboat and the helicopter began a search back down river.
At 13:30 the UK Coastguard Requested that the ALB and helicopter both re-task to reports of a person in the water at St Mary’s Island.
At 13:45 the duty Sheerness RNLI DLA (deputy launching authority) spoke to Medway Yacht Club who confirmed that the person in the water was a regular swimmer in the area. With this information the UK Coastguard confirmed at 14:15 that the person was accounted for and the ALB could stand down from this incident.
The lifeboat then continued back towards station keeping a look out for anything untoward as regards the EPIRB incident.
The ALB returned to moorings at 14:51.
Wind WNW 21-25 KNOTS, sea state Slight, visibility Good.

3rd October

The Sheerness inshore lifeboat was tasked at 2300 on Sunday 3 October to reports of a small motor cruiser with engine failure in the Swale. Launching at 2312 with a crew of three the casualty vessel was located at 2333 near Long Point. The vessel had drifted onto the shore line on the South side of Long Point. The two people onboard reported that they were OK, but had been unable to restart their outboard or operate their VHF radio. Having attached a towline the ILB towed the vessel into Queenborough Harbour and secured it safely alongside the All-tide Landing.
The lifeboat was stood down at 0015 and was back on station at 0020. SE F3.

22nd September

Sheerness ILB was tasked to reports of incident at the Kingsferry Bridge, Police in attendance. Launching with a crew of 3 onboard the ILB was subsequently stood down as the incident had been resolved. Returned to moorings.