16th August

The volunteer crew of the Sheerness all-weather lifeboat, ’The Judith Copping Joyce’, were tasked at 19:08 on Monday 16 August 2021 to respond to a 26′ yacht, with one man onboard, which had suffered machinery failure off of Minster seafront and was struggling with the wind and tidal conditions and in danger of grounding.
Launching at 19:18 with a crew of six onboard the Lifeboat was on scene at 19:30.
A tow was established and the yacht with its crew member was taken to the entrance of Queenborough Harbour where it was handed into the care of the Queenborough Harbour Trot boat.
The ALB was released from the incident at 21:10, returned to mooring at 21:20 and was ready for service at 21:45.
Weather Cloudy, Wind NW F5, Sea state slight, Swell 1m, visibility good.

15th August

15th August

Sheerness ILB was tasked at 1417 to respond to a windsurfer reportedly 200m approx. off shore at the Leas, Minster in difficulty due to the off shore wind.
Launching at 1437 with a crew of 3 on board the ILB was on scene at 1441.
RNLI Lifeguards had initially been informed of the windsurfer and one had paddled out on their rescue board and were with the casualty.
The ILB placed both the casualty and the RNLI Lifeguard onto the ILB and transported them both to the beach at the Leas.
Weather part cloudy, Wind SW f4, sea state calm, visibility good.
ILB released from incident at 1505, returned to station at 1520, ready for service at 1545.

12th August

12th August

Sheerness ILB was tasked at 1552 to respond to reports of 2 persons in the water at The Leas ( received by the Police) that were a cause for concern.
Launching at 1600 with a crew of 3 the ILB was subsequently stood down by the UK Coastguard after Sheppey CRT had reported to them after having spoken to the Lifeguard unit on the Leas who had seen nothing untoward.
The Lifeboat was stood down at 1606.
Weather cloudy, Wind SW F3, Sea state calm, visibility good.

10th August

10th August

Sheerness inshore lifeboat were tasked at 17:53 on Tuesday 10 August 2021 to respond to reports of a broken down speedboat in a position approximately one mile offshore of the Ashcroft Holiday Park, Thames Estuary.
Launching at 18:10 with a crew of 3 onboard the ILB located the casualty, with some assistance from a crew member ashore with binoculars, and were on scene at18:33.
The speedboat with two people on board was placed under tow and due to the fast-ebbing tide were taken to the All-Tide Landing at Queenborough rather than their original launch site at the Shingle Bank Minster.
The casualty was secured safely on the all-tide landing at 20:00. The lifeboat was released from the incident at 20:09 and was ready ready for service at 20:44.  W F2 Sea State Calm.
9th August

9th August

The ILB was launched again on Tuesday 9 August after a call from the UK Coastguard reported an EPIRB (emergency position indicating radio beacon) signal transmitting from a vessel moored in Upnor Reach. The lifeboat located the vessel at 08:50 with no persons on board. Having located the EPIRB it was handed over to the Medway Coastguard Rescue Unit who were on scene.
The lifeboat was released at 09:00 and was back on station and ready for service again at 09:50.
Wind SW 4 with slight seas and moderate visibility.
7th August

7th August

The inshore lifeboat crew have also been busy, having been called by the UK Coastguard to assist in two multi-agency incidents which took place between 02:09 and 05:00 on Saturday 7 August in the Rochester area.

6th August

The new Sheerness RNLI Shannon class lifeboat ‘Judith Copping Joyce’ attended their first incident since going into operational service exactly a week earlier.
The all-weather lifeboat was tasked by the UK Coastguard at 17:45 on Friday 6 August in response to reports of a Pan Pan signal being received (A pan-pan call is warranted to attempt urgent radio contact with an approaching vessel that may be in danger or is approaching a dangerous close-quarters situation that would risk collision.)
The call was received from what was initially reported as a 16 foot yacht with two people onboard, but which ultimately turned out to be be a 16 metre craft, that had had suffered a major electrical failure resulting in total loss of all navigational aids and VHF equipment in a busy shipping area North of the Redsands Towers in the Thames estuary approximately 11 miles from Sheerness.
The position of a likely Radar target for the casualty vessel was given by the UK Coastguard who were receiving sporadic communications with the vessel by a hand held VHF radio.
Having launched the lifeboat was given up-dated information about the position of the casualty and making best speed the ALB was alongside the yacht at 18:36.
Having checked that the three people were all ok the lifeboat then escorted the craft to the safety of Queenborough Harbour and was released at 19:48
The lifeboat was back on station and ready for further service at 20:30.
Wind SSW force 4 to 5,sea state slight.
3rd August

3rd August

Sheerness ILB was tasked at 15:18 by the UK Coastguard in response to reports of a cabin cruiser with 2 POB that had run aground on the West Shore of the Isle of Grain, within site of the boathouse. Launching with a crew of 3 at 15:32 the ILB was on scene at 15:35. With the tide now flooding and with an ILB crew member onboard the casualty vessel was soon underway and the ILB escorted them into Queenborough Harbour and onto the All Tide Landing and into the care of Sheppey CRT at 16:10.

As soon as the ILB had finished they made their way to another casualty vessel a short distance away at Black Stakes moorings the UK Coastguard had tasked them to, which had also gone aground. On arrival at the 2nd casualty vessel at 16:15 the crew assisted with the retrieval of the anchor and the vessel was underway at 16:25. The ILB was released at 16:25, returning to moorings at 16:40 and was ready for service at 17:00. ENE 3/4.