27th June

27th June

Sheerness all-weather lifeboat was launched in the early hours to a yacht with an engine fire.
Sheerness RNLI all-weather lifeboat The George and Ivy Swanson were tasked by the UK Coastguard at 03:02 on Sunday 27 June 2021 to a Yacht with one man onboard that was in difficulties after an engine fire. The casualty craft was reported to be on a mooring off Gillingham in the River Medway.
The ALB launched at 03:20 with a crew of six and proceeded at best speed to the casualty. The only communication the crew had with the yacht was by mobile phone through the man’s wife who was ashore.
The Lifeboat arrived on scene at 03:47 and located the casualty, which was moored amidships onto a buoy close to Gillingham Reach.
With the lifeboat alongside, the owner reported the fire was out, but was concerned it may re-ignite and so with this in mind he was taken off and landed ashore at Gillingham marina into the care of the Medway Coastguard Rescue Team. An ambulance had also been arranged by the UK Coastguard.
With the man safely ashore, the lifeboat returned to the yacht and two crew were placed onboard to re-secure it from its bow. A complete check was then made of the craft and no signs of any smouldering or fire were evident.
With the craft safe, the cabin was made secure and the Lifeboat departed scene at 4:38am and was back on her moorings and ready for service again at 05:22.
Wind NE F 4.

5th June

RNLI Lifeboat launched after a group of people, including children, became cut off by the tide.
The group of about seven or eight were walking to the sandbanks at Minster Leas beach on The Isle of Sheppey only to be caught out by the speed of the rising tide
The volunteer crew of the Sheerness RNLI inshore lifeboat Buster launched at 17:25 on Saturday 5 June after being tasked by the UK Coastguard to reports from the public of people being ‘cut off’ by the incoming tide at The Leas, Minster.
The Coastguard Rescue helicopter from Lydd had also been mobilised but it was fortunately not needed as the Lifeboat crew were quickly on the scene, and along with the Sheppey Coastguard Rescue Team, observed whilst five people made their own way to the shore safely. The crew were then made aware of three more people further down the beach who were also in the same predicament but who needed assistance. The three were taken onboard the lifeboat and landed safely and un-harmed on the beach and passed into the care of the Sheppey CRT.
The ILB was stood down at 17:54 and returned to station at 18:20 Wind Easterly 2 to 3 knots with clear skies and calm seas.
Sheerness RNLI Press Officer Vic.Booth said: ‘The group had walked out to the sandbanks and were unaware that the tide was coming in around them. The tide along this part of our coastline comes in really quickly and before you know it you have got water between yourself and the shore. The RNLI and the UK Coastguard urge everyone to check on the tidal conditions before beginning any type of activity along the coast. This incident proves how dangerous just a simple paddle in the sea can become a nightmare in just a matter of minutes. Fortunately, this incident had a positive outcome but things could have rapidly escalated without observant members of the public and the speedy response of the Sheerness Lifeboat crew and the Sheppey Coastguard Team. Please enjoy our beautiful coastline and Blue Flag Beaches but do make every effort to stay safe.’
The Inshore lifeboat launched again later that day at 19:48 after being tasked by the UK Coastguards who had again been called by a member of the public who had voiced concerns for the safety of five youngsters in two tiny inflatable dinghies off Beach Street, Sheerness.
The lifeboat located the two dinghies at 19:55 and offered safety advice and assistance to the youngsters. One group declined any help whilst the other was assisted back to the shore and passed into the care of the Sheppey Coastguard rescue team.
The Lifeboat was stood down at 20:06 and returned to station at 20:25.
3rd June

3rd June

Sheerness all-weather lifeboat The George and Ivy Swanson launched at 14:20 on Thursday 3 June to a pre-arranged launch via the UK Coastguard to provide safety cover and escort a Royal Engineers EOD (Explosives Ordnance Disposal) RHIB craft to a dredger moored in the Southend Anchorages that had picked up suspected ordnance whilst dredging.
The ALB commenced the escort at 14:45 from Sheerness Harbour arriving at the moored dredging vessel at 15:05.
The EOD crew quickly had the suspected ordnance onboard their craft and with the lifeboat escorting they headed back to Queenborough Harbour for them to recover their vessel and its cargo from the water but with unfavourable tidal conditions the EOD subsequently decided to recover at the Kingsferry landing.
The lifeboat was released from the incident at 16:07, returned to station at 16:15 and was ready for service at 16:25
 WSW 4-5 knots.