27th July

27th July

The Sheerness RNLI all weather lifeboat ‘The George and Ivy Swanson’ was tasked at 1747 on Monday 27 July by the UK Coastguard in response to reports of A 10m yacht with two people on board that was struggling against strong SW winds and an ebbing tide North East of Garrison Point, Thames Estuary.
Launching at 1805 with a crew of 6 onboard the Lifeboat was on scene approximately 15 minutes later. At 1822 a tow was commenced to the All-Tide-Landing at Queenborough where the casualty vessel was secured safely alongside just over an hour later at 1925.
The ALB was released and arrived back on station at 1937 and was ready for further service at 1945.
SW gusting F7.
Photos courtesy Steve Elliot.

Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, boat, outdoor, water and nature
Image may contain: ocean, sky, cloud, water, outdoor and nature
26th July

26th July

The calls keep coming for our very busy station with both boats launched once again.
The Sheerness ILB was tasked by the UK Coastguard at 0946 on Sunday 26 July to reports of a drifting dinghy, West of the Kingsferry Bridge on the Swale. The Lifeboat crew were asked to ascertain if there was, or possibly had been, anyone on the dinghy.
Launching at 1000 with a crew of 3 onboard the ILB was on scene 15 minutes later. At 1020 after confirming it was indeed unoccupied the dinghy was placed under tow and taken to the Kingsferry Boat Club slipway.
The ILB was released from the incident at 1028, returned to station at 1047, refuelled and ready for service at 1105.
WSW F4/5.

Later the same day at 1937 the UK Coastguard tasked both of the Sheerness Lifeboats to respond to reports of two vessels in difficulties close to Grain Number 6 jetty, Sheerness Harbour.
Further information reported that both vessels were being pushed up against the piles on the Grain jetty.
Launching simultaneously at 1950 the Lifeboats immediately had visual contact with the casualties, one of which was a 36-foot vessel that was being assisted by one of Sheerness Port tugs.
Arriving on scene at 1957 it was quickly ascertained that the 2 vessels initially reported had in fact been a smaller RHIB craft that had been attempting to tow the larger vessel which had proved unsuccessful. They had then been assisted by the tug to prevent them from being pushed further into the piles by the Jetty.
The ALB crew quickly attached a towline to the 36’ vessel, which had 4 people onboard and at 2000 commenced the tow to the nearby Queenborough All Tide Landing. The RHIB making the same journey under its own power. The ILB was released from the incident at 2003, returning to station at 2010 where it was re-fuelled and made ready for service.
The ALB was released at 2020 having confirmed the casualty yacht was now secure and returned to Station at 2028.
SW 3/4.