6th August

Inshore lifeboat was tasked to assist a yacht with three people onboard that had run aground in the area of Stangate Creek in the Medway Estuary
Inshore lifeboat ‘Buster’ launched at 1921 on Tuesday 6 August after being tasked by the UK Coastguard to reports that a 23-foot yacht with three people onboard had run aground somewhere between Lower Halstow and Stangate Creek in the Medway estuary.
The lifeboat crew quickly located the casualty which was high and dry on the marshes just west of Slaughterhouse Point (bottom of Stangate Creek). The three people, mum, dad and daughter were taken onboard the lifeboat after their craft was made secure and anchored safely. They were then taken back to the Lifeboat station where other crew members and the Sheppey Coastguard rescue team were waiting to assist.
After refuelling and complete washdown the lifeboat was ready for service again at 2050. Wind SW 5