2008 Callouts Histoy

4th February ILB launched to report of Person in the Water at Rochester, ILB was recalled, when it was confirmed that Person had been recovered by a local Workboat. 0709 – 0735. SW 4/5
6th February ILB launched to report of Wildfowlers stranded and cut off by tide on Nore Marsh, River Medway, Rescue 125 also proceeding, ILB arrived on scene and checked each individual Wildfowler, all reported to be ok and happy to remain where they were, ILB released. 1157 – 1316. NW 4
10th February ILB launched to report of Red Flares in area of Gillingham marina, ILB carried out thorough search of Hoo Island and south side of Gillingham Reach, nothing untoward found. 1843 – 2030. Estly 2.
18th February ILB & ALB launched to report of overdue 15mtr Yacht with 3 persons onboard and also a report of Red Flares in River Medway, upon commencement of search, the yacht was located safe & well at Chatham. Lifeboat continued a search of Stangate creek, nothing untoward found. 1920 – 2043. Lt Airs,Dense Fog.
21st February ILB launched to report of Person threatening to jump off Rochester bridge, ILB was recalled, when it was confirmed that call was a hoax. 2302 – 2341. SW 5.
8th March ILB launched to 18ft Sports Dayboat with 2 persons onboard, broken down and at anchor off South Boom. Casualty located and suffered flat battery, craft was towed to Queenborough causeway. 0636 – 0830. SW 3/4.
12th March ALB launched to report of Jet Skier in difficulties, drifting towards Eastchurch, ALB located casualty, who was taken onboard ALB very cold, the jet ski was left adrift, whilst ALB investigated a report of another jet Ski drifting further East, this report turned out to be the same Jet Ski, ALB returned to original Jet Ski and took it in tow for Sheerness. Casualty and the Ski landed ashore. 1637 – 1815. Wstly 7/8.
16th March Whilst ILB was on exercise, they came across a small dayboat with it’s propellor fouled by the anchor cable, the ILB crew managed to successfully free the propellor and the craft proceeded on it’s way. 1057 – 1100. NE 4/5.
16th March ALB launched to 32ft Yacht with it’s propellor fouled by the anchor cable and still on seabed, ALB crew placed onboard and after considerable effort and time, the anchor was eventually raised and found fouled by discarded wire cable, Casualty was towed into Queenborough hbr, whereit was secured, the 3 occupants were landed ashore by Lifeboat. 1326 -1710. NE 7/8 gusting 9.
21st March ALB launched to Two Anglers stranded on Sun Pier pontoon, Rochester after the brow to pontoon collapsed, anglers safely recovered and landed at Chatham marina pontoon. 2356 – 0150. NW 7/8.
30th March ILB launched to report of 3 Persons stranded on Derelict barge off Sharps Green, River Medway, on route to casualty ILB suffered gearbox failure, ALB was launched to assist and recovered ILB, subsequently launched XP boat and recovered the 3 persons and landed them ashore to CG, XP boat recovered and ILB towed back to station, where a replacement outboard was fitted later in the evening. 1820 – 2125. SW 3.
24th April ALB launched to 31ft Angling Boat with suspected Fuel problem in vicinty of East Cant buoy, one person onboard, on route to casualty, the craft had managed to re-start his engine and making slow progress towards Southend, ALB escorted the craft back to his moorings at Southend. 0122 – 0310. SW 1/2.
26th April ILB launched to report of Jetski with 3 occupants aground on Copperhouse Marsh, River Medway. One person was attempting to swim ashore and was recovered by the ILB, who suffering from the cold, he was landed ashore into the care of HMCG, the ILB returned to the jestki and recovered the other two occupants and towed the jetski to Gillingham Strand, where they were landed ashore. 1745 – 1915. SW 3.
27th April ILB diverted from exercise to report of Suicidal person on Rochester bridge, ILB was recalled, when it was confirmed that person had been detained by the Police. 1212 – 1245. SW 2.
29th April ALB launched to 42ft Oceanis Belgium Yacht with two crew, craft suffered electrical failure and estimated position between N.Oaze and Sea Reach 1 lightbuoys, casualty unable to start engine, craft was located West of the S.Shoebury, one crewman placed onboard and casualty taken in tow for Queenborough Hbr, where she was secured on the All tide landing. 1753 – 2015. SSE 5
3rd May ILB launched to 42ft “Canadian Canoe” with 13 persons onboard paddling from River Thames to Whitstable, but meeting adverse tidal  & wind conditions half a mile off Garrison Point, ILB took craft in tow for safety of Queenborough hbr. 2008 – 2122. NE 3.
3rd May ILB launched to JetSki towing Speedboat with a total of 5 persons onboard, both craft suffered fuel problems, position given as half a mile North of Martello Tower, Grain, casualties located approx 5 cables NE of Martello tower and both craft towed to safety of Queenborough hbr. 2140 – 2309. NE 3.
5th May ALB launched to 26ft yacht with 3 persons onboard, aground on Bishop’s Ness marsh, River Medway, ALB arrived on scene and secured tow line around casualties hull and successful pulled the yacht clear, no damage was sustained and the yacht continued upriver to Chatham. 1425 – 1500. NE 3
5th May ALB returning from previous incident, when tasked to 23ft Angling Boat broken down with 3 persons onboard and at anchor between Barton and Warden point. Casualty located and towed to the safety of Queenborough hbr. 1513 – 1750. NE 3
11th May ILB launched to 18ft Dayboat with Electrical failure on Outboard, 5 persons onboard incl young child, casualty located North of Nore marsh, River Medway and taken in tow for Hoo Creek, where it was handed over to another craft. 1824 – 1935. Estly 2
21st May ALB launched to 14mtr Brixham registered Fishing Vessel with reported Engine Room fire, 2 persons onboard, position East Cant. On route to casualty, the crew managed to extinguish fire but lost engine power, ALB arrived on scene and took the casualty in tow for Queenborough Hbr. 2116 – 2335. Estly 3
24th May ALB launched to report of craft drifting and making water with 2 persons onboard, initial pos’n estimated as Sea Reach 7, but not confirmed, no details on craft. ALB commenced search at Mid Swatch buoy, attempted to D/F casualty, but all unsuccessful, search continued and was joined by Rescue 125, Southend L/B & ILB and later by Sheerness ILB, no further communications with casualty and no visual signs. The two occupants were located on the shoreline by Rescue 125 near Allhallows, some 4 hrs after incident began. Rescue 125 airlifted the the casualties to Southend Hospital. 0114 – 0600. Estly 5/6
24th May ILB launched to assist ALB with above search. 0410 – 0600. Estly 5/6.
24th May ALB launched to 20ft Yacht aground and pounding on Grain Spit with 3 persons onboard, Police RIB on scene attempting to get tow onboard, ALB stood off in deeper water, whilst Police RIB attempted tow, craft were joined by Sheerness ILB. Police RIB successfully towed casualty clear, ILB passed over ALB’s tow line and a crewmember and casualty safely towed into Queenborough Hbr. 1050 – 1220. Estly 6
24th May ILB launched to assist ALB with Yacht aground on Grain Spit as above. 1057 – 1220. Estly 5/6
24th May ILB launched to report of two persons in the water hanging onto No 30A buoy, River Medway, ILB arrived on scene to find two 17yr youths sitting on a sailboard, extremely cold, casualties taken onboard and landed ashore to ambulance at Gillingham Marina.

ILB then assisted a 35ft yacht with an injured crewmember onboard, owner had suffered a broken arm after being hit by boom, ILB assisted the person ashore and the remaining crew, then towed the yacht to a mooring off the Marina. 2048 – 0010. NE 7/8

26th May ALB launched to “EPIRB” hit in a position near Allhallows, Isle of Grain, ALB searched area visually and with D/F, nothing untoward found. ALB was then tasked to a report of a 80 to 100ft Barge adrift in River Swale off Harty ferry, unsure if anyone onboard and possible damage it may do going through moorings, due to the distance to barge, it was decided to launch the ILB to investigate. ILB found craft ashore near entrance to Conyer Creek, no one onboard and owner making arrangements to tow barge back to Harty Ferry
26th may ALB 1244 – 1535. NE 8 gusting 10, decreased 6/8.  ILB 1329 – 1600. NE 6/8
31st May ALB & ILB both tasked at 1954 to report of Fletcher speedboat with one person onboard overdue after departing Gillingham Marina for Brightlingsea, RNLI units stood down at 2004 when craft was located at Wakering Stairs, Essex, safe and well.
2nd June ALB launched to assist Gravesend Lifeboat with fishing vessel making water near Bltyh Sands, ALB arrived on scene with pump, but Gravesend Lifeboat successfully pumping out craft and towing it to Holehaven Creek, ALB stood by. 1725 – 1909. Estly 3.
5th June ILB launched to report of person in the water off Minster, ILB located person, who was training for long distance swim and all ok. ILB returned after offering safety advice. 1436 – 1515. NW 3.
7th June ILB launched to report of Person in the water off Leysdown, ILB carried out search along with Whitstable L/B and Essex police helicopter, person found safe ashore. 0045 – 0220. NE 2
21st June ILB launched to report of Labrador Dog on Copperhouse Marsh, owner concerned. ILB located dog, who swam back to owner on mainland. 1605 – 1715. SW 3
25th June ILB launched to Sailboarder reported unable to make the shore off Minster, ILB brought casualty ashore and landed him to HMCG. 2025 – 2107. SW 4
27th June ILB launched to report of small dinghy drifting off Leysdown with 2 persons onboard, ILB located craft and found two adults quite happily fishing and in no danger. ILb returned to station. 1806 – 1940. WSW 4
29th June ILB launched to Jet Skier broken down near Kingsferry Bridge, River Swale, casualty located approx 200 yds from Bridge on Sheppey side, casualty taken onboard ILb and his jet ski towed to Queenborough causeway. 1918 – 2036. WSW 4
1st July ILB launched to report of Two persons trapped in mud off Sheerness, upon arrival of the ILB, the two persons were making their way ashore unaided, ILB stood by until safe ashore. 1745 – 1811. Sthly 2.
2nd July ILB launched to report of twp persons cut off by tide on South Boom barges, ILB carried out search of area, no one seen or nothing untoward. 1158 – 1315. Var, Lt Airs
4th July ALB launched to 7mtr Yacht aground on Burntwick island with 2 persons onboard, upon arrival, casualty hard aground, due to falling tide, attempted tow aborted and owner happy to remain onboard until next HW, ALB released. 0245 – 0351. NW 2
13th July Whilst on exercise, ILB assisted 25ft Yacht aground on the Horse Sands, River Swale. ILB crew assisted in placing out anchor for owner and making craft secure, the ILB then transferred the three occupants to another yacht in the area. 1130 – 1325. NW 1/2
15th July ILB launched to report of Speedboat drifting in Kethole Reach, River Medway, upon arrival of ILB, nothing could be seen, ILB commenced search working it’s way upriver, Casualty was located at Gillingham Pier, where another craft had towed the vessel in, ILB crew assisted in recovering craft to it’s trailer. 2144 – 2320. Wstly 2
17th July ALB launched to report of Yacht located near Red Sand Towers with it’s engine still running & underway, Whitstable L/B and Rescue 125 also proceeding, ALB commenced a search in vicinity of Red Sand Towers, Rescue 125 located a dinghy South of Shoebury with one occupant, this was confirmed as the person missing from yacht.

Person was airlifted to Whitstable L/B, who transferred the person back to his yacht. Sheerness ALB towed the Yacht into the safety of Queenborough Hbr. 1133 –  1435. Wstly 4/5

19th July ILB launched to 30ft Cruiser previously aground in South Yantlet Creek, 2 Persons onboard, now unsure of how to navigate to main channel, ILB arrived on scene and one crew member transferred, ILB escorted craft clear & upriver to Chatham Marina 2354 – 0240. NW 3
20th July ILB launched to report of Man Overboard near Rochester Bridge, whilst on route, casualty was recovered by a local craft and second person assisted. ILB stood down.  1650 – 1726. NW 4/5
31st July ILB launched to report of Canoe possibly in trouble with 2 persons onboard off Sheerness Seafront, ILB commenced search, but casualty was located safe ashore on beach. 1542 – 1620. Sthly 2
31st July ILB Crew paged to 3 persons onboard inflatable dinghy reported to be drifting off Beach at Sheerness, ILB was stood down before launch, persons safe ashore
3rd August ALB diverted from exercise to 38ft motor sailer reported to be sinking in vicinity of Red Sand towers with 4 persons onboard, Lifeboats from Southend and Whitstable and rescue 125 proceeding. ALB arrived on scene, one person airlifted to hospital by 125, the other three occupants were transferred to the ALB, pumps from Helio and Lifeboats stemmed the ingress of water and the craft was towed to Southend Ray by the ALB. 1202 – 1600. SW 5/6
6th August ALB launched to 9mtr Fishing Vessel who’s fishing gear had snagged it’s propellor and a navigational buoy off Sheerness, 2 persons onboard, casualty held up into tide, whilst it’s crew cut away it’s nets, casualty then towed into Queenborough Hbr. 0438 – 0645. SW 3
9th August ALB launched to Ro-Ro Vessel inward at Sea Reach 7 with crewmember onboard with severe crush injuries, due to the injury after discussion with Vessel’s Captain, Doctor, CG and Lifeboat, it was decided to land the casualty at Tilbury, ALB released. 0230 – 0340. SW 3
9th August ILB launched to report of Person in the water off Sun Pier, Rochester, ILB carried out search along with Police Boat, Rescue 125 and CG/Police units ashore, nothing found, search units released. 0659 – 0940. SW 3. (A body was later recovered as tide receded)
9th August ALB launched to 35ft Angling Boat with 8 persons onboard broken down North of Red Sand Towers, casualty located, one crewmember transferred and casualty towed to safety of Queenborough hbr. All occupants landed ashore at Sheerness. 1151 – 1515. SW 6
10th August ALB launched to 42ft Yacht with jammed Jib sail East of Montgomery Wreck, 6 persons onboard, two crewmembers transferred and managed to lower and stow the sail, yacht towed into the shelter of the River Medway, where it continued it’s passage under it’s own power. 1230 – 1425. SW 6
12th August ILB launched to report of jet Skier broken down opposite Gillingham Strand, ILB arrived on scene, jet skier taken onboard ILB and his craft towed back to Gillingham, casualty landed to ambulance suffering from slight hypothermia. 1810 – 1945. SW 6/7
14th August ILB launched to Yacht aground on West Shore of Sheerness Hbr with 2 persons onboard, ILB crew placed out anchor for craft and re-assured crew, arrangements made to return to craft later in the evening on flood tide. 1655 – 1728. SW 3
14th August ILB re-launched to above yacht when owner became concerned that craft was making water through planking, upon arrival, although still aground, the yacht was making a lot of water, ILB returned to station to collect ALB’s salvage pump and returned to yacht, the craft was pumped out several times before refloating, once afloat, the ingess of water ceased and craft was towed into Queenborough Hbr. 1806 – 2103. SW 3
15th August ILB tasked to report of person in the water off Bartons Point, Minster trying to retrieve his dog, ILB stood down, when person and dog returned to shore
15th August ILB launched to report of person seen to enter the water off Chatham Docks, ILB carried out a search of the River along with Rescue Helio 125, Fire launch and CG/Police units ashore. Nothing found. 2343 – 0225. SW 1/2
17th August ALB launched to 60ft Tug broken down and drifting between Blacktail Spit and Maplin buoy, 2 persons onboard, Southend L/B also proceeding, ALB arrived on scene at casualty, who was now near the Maplin Edge buoy, one crewman transferred with radio and casualty taken in tow for the Medway, the tow made only 5 knots and casualty was eventually secured in Queenborough Hbr. 1519 – 2005. WSW 4/5
18th August ILB launched to 26ft Yacht broken down near Kingsferry bridge with 3 persons onboard, casualty had previously been aground, ILB towed the craft back to the safety of Queenborough Hbr. 0220 – 0415. SSE 2.
24th August ALB diverted from exercise to 26ft Cruiser broken down near Nore Swatch buoy with two persons onboard, casualty towed safely into Queenborough hbr. 1105 – 1205. SW 4/5
24th August ALB launched to 29ft Yacht with one person onboard in distressed state following an incident onboard resulting in the other crewmember being airlifted by Rescue 125, Burnham L/B standing by, upon arrival of ALB, person was transferred to ALB and two of Lifeboat’s crew transferred to yacht, the casualty was towed into Queenborough hbr, where it was met by CG and Police. 1220 – 1700. SW 5/6
26th August ALB launched to 9mtr Yacht, broken down with engine problem, 3 persons onboard, position just North of Montgomery wreck, casualty located, one crewmember placed onboard and casualty safely towed into Queenborough Hbr. 2220 – 0015. Wstly 3
29th August ALB launched to medivac injured crewman from Cargo Vessel in Southend Anchorage, casualty has head injury which requires hospital treatment. ALB evacuated casualty to Sheerness, where he was transferred to ambulance. 1138 – 1245. Var 1/2
30th August ALB launched to 28ft Angling Boat, with 5 persons onboard, broken down with electrical failure just East of West Cant buoy, casualty located and towed to the safety of Queenborough hbr. 2052 – 2216. Estly 1/2
31st August ILB launched to report of Red Flare in Lower Rainham/Gillingham area of River Medway, ILB carried out search up to Hoo Ness and checked associated creeks, nothing untoward found. 2124 – 2345. SW 4
3rd September ALB launched to 22ft yacht with 2 persons onboard, which had suffered outboard failure and jammed rigging on mast, casualty drifting close to Sea Reach channel. Casualty located near S.Shoebury buoy and taken in tow for Queenborough hbr, where it was safely secured. 1645 – 1956. SW 5/6
15th September ALB launched to 32ft Cabin Cruiser sinking off Thamesport, River Medway, 3 elderly persons onboard, ALB arrived on scene along with local workboat, using Lifeboat’s pump, the craft was pumped out to establish the leak was from a failed seawater/hull hose fitting , the leak was successfully plugged and the cruiser towed into Sheerness. 1725 – 2142. Estly 2
24th September ILB paged for report of Female walking out into the sea off Sheerness seafront, ILB stood down as launching, person safe ashore
27th September ILB tasked at 2038 to report of person possibly missing from rocks at Garrison Point, ILB was stood down on launching , when person was located safe and well ashore
27th September ALB launched to 22ft Yacht with one elderly person onboard, unable to make headway against tide and unsure of his position, casualty located half a mile West of Mid Swatch buoy, person taken onboard ALB and yacht towed into Queenborough hbr. 2213 – 2355. Lt Airs
8th October ILB launched to 5 mtr motorboat with one person onboard, broken down off Montgomery wreck, ILB located casualty and towed to the safety of Queenborough Hbr. 1014 – 1150. Wstly 3
18th October ALB launched to 38ft Motor Cruiser with complete engine failure, drifting in South Yantlet Creek, River Medway, 4 persons onboard, casualty located and towed to the safety of Chatham Maritime marina. 1330 – 1545. WSW 5
25th October ALB launched to 18ft Dayboat broken down with Outboard failure approx 1 mile from Garrison Point, 4 persons onboard. casualty towed to the safety of Queenborough hbr. 1740 – 1855. SW 5
3rd November ALB launched to report of 30ft Motor Cruiser (later found out to be 50ft)aground and unsure of it’s position, but thought to be Burntwick Island, River Medway. ALB carried out search of area, but nothing found in River, a further search using ALB’s D/F eqpt and cross bearings by Thames & Dover CG, put the craft to the Eastern end of Sheppey. Casualty was eventually located aground off Leysdown, both occupants remaining onboard. 0340 – 0551. NNE 4/5
3rd November ALB launched to 50ft Motor Cruiser aground on beach off Leysdown, now requesting assistance to refloat, Whitstable L/B also proceeding, ALB arrived on scene and stood off awaiting suffient rise in tide, before a tow line was passed over via Whitstable L/B, some time later, the craft refloated, but shotly after, reported they were taking on water, two crew were transferred with pump, but the pump could not keep up with the ingress of water. It was decided to beach the vessel again, with it’s anchor released, Whitstable held the stern of the craft so the vessel’s bow was to sea. The pump and crew returned to the ALB and the two occupants were landed ashore by Whitstable L/B. 1400 – 1833. ENE 4
10th November ALB launched to assist in search for overdue 40ft Fishing Vessel with one person onboard off Shoebury, Rescue 125, Southend Atlantic, ILB and Hovercraft involved, extensive search carried out around the Mulberry hbr to the East and across sands. Nothing found of vessel. ALB released from search to return to station. 1601 – 1935. SW 5
15th November ILB launched to report of “Mayday” call heard on VHF, ILB carried out search of Saltpan Reach and Stangate/Sharfleet creeks, nothing located and no further communications. 2303 – 0030. NW 2/3
16th November ALB launched to 70ft ex-passenger vessel broken down off Columbine Spit with Fuel problem, 3 persons onboard, craft on passage from Ramsgate to London, casualty located and towed to Queenborough hbr. 1012 – 1400. SW 2/3
2nd December ILB launched to 17ft Dayboat broken down with electrical fault South of No 6 Medway Approach buoy, 3 persons onboard, casualty located and towed to Queenborough hbr. 1757 – 2010. Wstly 3/4
8th December ALB launched to carry out search of shoreline & cliffs at Warden Point for person reported missing, ALB carried out search along with it’s XP boat and Rescue helicopter 125, CG & Police units, with nothing found, the ALB was released to return to station. 2148 – 0040. SSE 2
20th December ILB launched to 27ft Yacht anchored off entrance to Queenborough with machinery failure, 4 persons onboard, ILB towed the craft to the dafety of All Tide Landing, Queenborough. 1427 – 1525. Wstly 4
29th December ILB launched to report of Two persons missing in Queenborough Harbour, ILB commenced search of moorings on East side, Cg, Police and Rescue Helio 125 joined search. ILB was re-tasked to another incident at Sharps Green, River Medway where a female in a distressed state was being restrained onboard a yacht, ILB embarked a Police Officer and took him out to yacht, subsequently the female, Police officer and a man were landed ashore at Sharps Green. The ILB returned to Queenborough to assist in the search for the missing persons before the search was terminated due to failing light. 1242 – 1600. ESE 2
29th December ALB launched to assist in search for report of two missing persons in Queenborough Harbour. ALB commenced it’s search along with other search units of harbour moorings and of Queenborough creek. ALB embarked three Police Officers to check the security of yacht’s on moorings, during these checks, some items of clothing were found onboard a yacht, this yacht was removed from the mooring to the All tide landing for further investigation by Police, due to failing light, the search was terminated and ALB returned to station. 1312 – 1600. ESE 2
30th December ILB launched to assist Kent Police and act as guard boat, whilst Police carried out the recovery of a body in Queenborough Hbr, once safely recovered, the ILB returned to station. 1052 -1240. Estly 1