2007 Callouts Histoy

21st January
ILB launched to 7 mtr Cabin cruiser with 2 persons onboard, broken down in Queenborough hbr, casualty located and towed to the All Tide Landing. 2347 – 0100. Wstly 5/6
22nd January
ILB launched to Two Wildfowlers cut off by tide on Nore marsh, River Medway, ILB arrived on scene and one crew member waded across the marsh to casualties, ILB was joined by Rescue helicopter 125 and the decision was made to airlift the casualties and their two dogs direct to shore, this was successfully done and ILB returned to station. 1352 – 1537. Wstly 6.
10th February ALB launched to 6 mtr Workboat with 3 persons onboard, broken down with fuel problem just West of Stangate creek entrance in River Medway, casualty located and safely towed into Queenborough hbr, where it was secured. 1357 – 1547. North Easterly 8.
14th February ILB crew paged for suicidal person at Rochester, crew stood down before launch.
22nd February
ILB crew paged at 2157 for overdue angling boat in River Medway, crew stood down before launch when craft arrived in Queenborough.
25th February
ILB launched to suicidal person threatening to jump from Medway M2 bridge, CG & Police in attendance. ILB stood down, when person was detained by police. 2320 – 2358. Sthly 2.
8th March
ILB launched to 5 mtr Dayboat, broken down with gearbox failure in Sheerness harbour, 2 persons onboard, casualty towed to the safety of Queenborough Harbour and persons landed ashore. 1530 – 1638. WNW 4/5.
11th March
ILB launched to suicidal female threatening to jump from Rochester bridge, ILB was released, when person was detained by Police. 1547 – 1605. Wstly 2.
13th March
ILB launched to 17ft “Fletcher” Dayboat broken down with fuel problem off Barton’s Point, 2 adults and 1 child onboard,  casualty towed to Sheppey Yacht Club slipway. 1603 – 1658. WSW 2/3.
28th March
ALB launched to 18ft Day Fishing boat broken down with electrical failure near Sea Reach no 2, 3 persons onboard, casualty located and towed into Sheerness Docks, where they were met by CG. 1720 – 1935. Var 1/2.
30th March
ALB launched to 27ft Angling Boat broken down with broken fuel pipe, 5 persons onboard, anchored NE end of Barrow Swatchway, 19 mls from station, casualty safely towed back to it’s mooring at Thorpe Bay, Southend. 1747 – 2154. Estly Lt Airs
7th April
ALB launched to report of ‘EPIRB’ hit in a position off Whitstable, ALB arrived on scene along with Rescue 125, commenced search and strong signal detected and homed onto, source of signal was ashore at Whitstable Hbr, search units stood down. 2245 – 0143. ENE 5/6
12th April ILB Launched to report of 7.5mtr RIB aground on Grain Spit with 2 persons onboard, ILB assisted casualty to refloat and then escorted to the safety of Sheerness Docks. 0001 – 0115. NE Lt Airs.
13th April
ILB crew paged for report of two persons trapped in the mud near Milton Creek, Rvr Swale, ILB was stood down before proceeding, Fire Service reports vechicle trapped, no persons involved. 1808 – 1815.
29th April
ILB launched to 14ft dayboat with machinery failure, 3 persons onboard, casualty located anchored on West Shore, Sheerness Hbr, casualty towed to the safety of Queenborough Hbr, where they were met by CG. 1955 – 2053. Estly 2.
30th April
ALB diverted from exercise to assist 6mtr RIB, broken down with gearbox failure, just East of Montgomery Wreck, 2 persons onboard, casualty towed to Southend pier, where it was handed over to Southend L/B. 1109 – 1320. NE 3.
30th April
ILB & ALB launched to 12 mtr Cruiser reported to be aground on Seawall, just East of Garrison Pt, 2 pob, both Lifeboats arrived on scene to find Pilot Cutter and Customs launch standing off, ILB closed casualty and found both occupants safe ashore but slightly shook up, ILB crew walked casualties along seawall to waiting ambulance. craft remained beached and holed. 0114 – 0205. ENE 5.
6th May
ALB launched to 33ft Angling Boat broken down with gearbox problem, approx half a mile off Royal Oak Pt, Whitstable L/B on scene, the two persons onboard were suffering from severe sea sickness, Sheerness ALB took the casualty in tow, whilst Whitstable L/B landed the two occupants ashore at Sheerness Docks to waiting Ambulance, casualty secured in Queenborough Hbr. 1409 – 1630. ENE 5/6.
6th May
ALB launched to 72ft Dutch Motor Barge, broken down with 4 persons onboard just North of Sea Reach No 4, casualty has anchor down but not holding. Casualty safely towed into Queenborough Harbour. 0218 – 0420. SW 3.
7th May
ALB launched to 72ft Dutch Barge (same as previous service) broken down again off Garrison Point, ALB towed the casualty into Queenborough harbour, where it was secured and the 4 occupants landed ashore at Sheerness. 1000 – 1200. SW 4/5.
7th May
ALB launched to single handed 27ft Yacht, overcome by adverse weather in Medway Approach channel, occupant unable to leave tiller to lower sails, ALB located the casualty just East of No 1 buoy, and two crew were transferred to casualty, who lowered sails and secured tow. Casualty was towed to Queenborough Hbr. 1233 – 1447. SW 7.
7th May
ALB launched to 30ft Yacht, who put out Mayday after suffering engine and sail failure, just South of No 2 Medway Approach buoy, 2 persons onboard, ALB located the casualty and transferred crew onboard, casualty taken in tow and secured in Queenborough Hbr, the two occupants were landed ashore at Sheerness. 1453 – 1715. WSW 7
18th May
ILB launched to Person threatening to jump from Pier at Rochester Esplanade, ILB arrived on scene and stood by, whilst Police talked to person, he was subsequently detained. 1833 – 2100. Wstly 5.
26th May
ILB launched to report of suicidal female on Rochester Bridge, the person was detained by members of the public and the Police before the ILB arrived. 2325 – 0018. SW 5/6.
27th May
ILB launched to report of Two Persons struggling to reach the shore through the mud, with a rising tide off Motney Hill, River Medway. The ILb was stood down on route, when it was confirmed that the two persons had made shore safely. 1734 – 1810. Estly 3/4.
28th May
ILB launched to overdue 9 mtr Dutch Yacht with 3 persons onboard, on passage from Ijmuiden to Chatham, ILB carried out search of moorings from Queenborough harbour upriver to Chatham, nothing found. 2220 – 0130. Estly 3/4.
30th May

ALB launched to continue daylight search for 9mtr Dutch Yacht overdue at Chatham with 3 persons onboard. ALB proceeded to Medway Buoy where it commenced a search out through the Princes Approach channel, once at the East Margate buoy, the search was to the West through the Queens channel, the casualty was located under sail in this channel, they had lost all electrical power and had no communications, a crewmember was placed onboard and the casualty was towed to the safety of Queenborough Harbour. Rescue Helicopter & Lifeboats from Margate, Walton & Harwich also launched. 0455 – 1130. NNE 7/8.

2nd June
ILB launched to carry out search for Overdue 28ft Workboat with one person onboard, left Stoke creek 0800 27th, unknown destination. ILB carried out gradual search of Creeks and possible sightings working upriver. Casualty was sighted in Port of Rochester by Rescue Helicopter 127, ILB returning to station, CG investigating. 1246 – 1548. SSE 3/4
6th June
ILB launched to 29ft yacht with Machinery failure, with 2 persons onboard, drifting just upstream of Stangate creek, casualty towed into Queenborough Hbr. 1100 – 1240. East 1.
8th June
ALB launched to 9 mtr un-registered Fishing vessel on passage from Chatham to Liverpool, casualty lost all navigational equipment and unsure of position and no chart of area, 3 persons onboard. Casualty located in Medway channel and escorted to Sheerness Docks, where they were met by CG. 1017 – 1205. NE 3
10th June
ILB launched to report of Suicidal person in Queenborough Hbr, ILB was recalled shortly after launching, when it was confirmed that person had been detained by Police. 1739 – 1751. Nthly 1
21st June
ILB launched to 8 mtr Cruiser with gearbox failure near Mid Swatch buoy, 4 persons onboard, casualty located and taken in tow to Queenborough Hbr, where it was secured. 1518 – 1643. Estly 3.
23rd June
ALB launched to 22ft Yacht with electrical failure and unsure of position, one person onboard, casualty located by D/F and Radar, South of Red Sand towers, casualty towed into Queenborough harbour. 2309 – 0143. SE 3.
24th June
ILB launched to 14ft Motorboat broken down with outboard failure off South Boom, 2 persons onboard, casualty towed to Shingle bank, Minster. 1534 – 1645. Wstly 4.
24th June
ILB launched to report of inflatable drifting just East of Garrison Pt, upon arrival ILB could see one person almost ashore being assisted by CG, 2nd person was seen struggling in the water, trying to keep afloat, ILB recovered person and landed him ashore to Cg, both persons taken to hospital by Ambulance. 1634 – 1720. SSW 3.
26th June
ILB launched to report of overdue inflatable with two children onboard from Kingsferry bridge to Leysdown, on route, Yacht located children off Sand End, East Swale, Whitstable L/B took casualties onboard and landed them ashore at Kingsferry bridge, Sheerness ILB escorted. 1907 -2027. SE 2.
30th June
ILB launched to 19ft Powerboat with overheating engine, 2 persons onboard, casualty located Sw of Oakhamness Jetty, Rvr Medway and towed to Gillingham Marina. 1557 – 1750. NW3/4.
3rd July
ILB launched to 26ft Yacht with Machinery Failure, one person onboard in Sheerness Hbr, casualty towed to Queenborough hbr. 1915 – 2045. SW 3.
15th July
ILB launched to report of capsized catamaran off Sheerness, with 2 persons in the water, ILB arrived on scene, both occupants ok and had deliberately capsized their craft during heavy thunderstorm, craft was righted and escorted back to shore. 1412 – 1455. SW 3.
21st July
ILB launched to Cabin Cruiser anchored in Sharfleet Creek with 62 year old person onboard suffering a cardiac arrest, ILB joined by Rescue 125 and casualty airlifted to Southend Hospital. 0832 – 1020. ESE 3/4.
21st July
ILB launched to 15ft Speedboat reported with Machinery failure in Long Reach, River Swale. ILB located casualty hard aground just upstream of Long Point, 3 persons onboard which included a 16 month old baby, casualties evacuated to ILB and landed ashore at Kingsferry Bridge into care of CG. 1850 – 1940. Sw 4/5.
22nd July
ILB tasked  and proceeded to 17ft Dayboat broken down off Warden Point with 5 persons onboard including two children, ILB located close inshore and towed casualty back to Queenborough Hbr, where they were met by CG. 1940 – 2200. Sw 3.
25th July
ILB launched to assist Kent police in recovery of body from River Medway, body had been got hold of by a local C.C, ILB recovered body and landed it ashore to Police & CG. 2045 – 2318. Sthly 2.
26th July
ALB launched to 28ft Dutch Yacht, dismasted near Spaniard buoy, 2 persons onboard, Whitstable Lifeboat  on scene and has casualty in tow, ALB arrived on scene and after transferring a crewman to the casualty, took the craft in tow, Whitstable lifeboat released, casualty towed to Queenborough harbour. 1420 – 1757. SW 6/7.
29th July
ALB launched to 40ft Canadian registered Sloop with 2 persons onboard, suffered engine failure and only under a storm jib, trying to make River Medway for shelter, ALB located and towed the casualty into the safety of Queenborough harbour. 1819 – 1940. SW 8.
3rd August
ILB launched to 23ft Motorboat drifting with 3 persons onboard off St Mary’s Island, River Medway, casualty located and towed to the safety Of Upnor Sailing club slipway. 2253 – 0040. NW 2.
5th August
ALB launched to 24ft Motor Sailor with 2 persons onboard, reported to have engine problems and possible making water, unsure of position. On route, casualty was located by Whitstable L/B, who took the casualty in tow for Whitstable, 2155 – 2249. SW 2.
6th August
ILB launched to report of two swimmers in difficulties off Minster Leas, upon arrival, both female swimmers were walking ashore and in no danger. 1346 – 1418. SE 2.
7th August
ALB launched to 35ft Dutch Sail Barge with engine failure 200yds West of Medway No 10 buoy, 2 persons onboard, on arrival of ALB, casualty had managed to restart engine, casualty escorted to Queenborough Hbr. 1720 – 1840. Wstly 2.
8th August
ILB launched to small inflatable drifting off Minster with 2 persons onboard, ILB located casualty with a 15 and 20 yr old onboard, taken onboard ILB and landed ashore at Minster along with the craft. 1441 – 1530. Estly 2/3.
9th August
ILB launched to 19ft Speedboat with 3 persons onboard, out of fuel and drifted ashore in Long Reach, River Swale, casualty towed to Kingsferry Bridge. 1810 – 1820. Estly 3.
12th August
ILB launched to report of child in the water off Minster, Rescue 125 also proceeding, Rescue units stood when it was confirmed child safe ashore. On returning to station, ILB was diverted to small 6.5 mtr rowing craft with single occupant, unable to make headway against tide around Garrison Point, casualty landed ashore at staion along with his craft. 1730 – 1836. NNE 3/4.
12th August
ALB launched to 18 mtr River/Canal Cruiser drifting with Engine failure off Shoebury, 3 persons onboard, casualty located 1/4 of a mile west of Shoebury Boom, tow secured and casualty towed into Queenborough Hbr. 1405 – 1640. SW 4.
15th August
ILB launched to 7 mtr Yacht drifted ashore on Lappel Bank following engine failure, 3 persons onboard, ILB stood by until there was suffient water to refloat Yacht and tow into Queenborough hbr. 2003 – 2158. SW 4/5.
18th August
ILB launched to report of inflatable being blown out to sea off Minster with one person in the water, upon arrival, person was safe ashore, but inflatable had been blown out to sea. 1221 – 1300. SW 7.
25th August
ILB launched to report of Red Flare sighted off entrance to River Medway, ILB carried out search of area, CG conducted search ashore and it was later confirmed that flare orignated from inland on the isle of Grain. 0303 – 0425. SW 2.
26th August
ALB launched to 32ft Motor Cruiser broken down and making some water, 4 persons onboard, position near Columbine Spit, Whitstable L/B also proceeding. ALB arrived on scene, Whitstable allready alongside, crewman placed onboard to recieve tow line and casualty taken in tow. One further crewman and portable pump placed onboard to pump water from craft’s bilges. On return passage, ALB was diverted to a report of a broken down Jet Skier South of Lifeboat’s position, jet skier was taken onboard and his jet ski taken in tow, occupant and ski subsequently handed over to Whitstable l/b for his return to Herne Bay, ALB continued to tow casualty to Queenborough hbr. 1317 – 1712. Lt Airs
2nd September
ILB launched to report of two persons cut off by tide off Minster Leas, ILB carried out search of area, nothing untoward seen, no further info from CG, call considered false alarm with good intent. 1905 – 1947. Estly 3.
2nd September
ALB diverted from exercise to 22ft Fletcher angling boat with complete engine failure on Maplin Sands, 3 persons onboard, casualty located in shallow water and taken in tow towards River Crouch, casualty handed over to Burnham Lifeboat to tow to mooring, ALB released to return to station. 1100 – 1503. Wstly 4/5.
4th September

ILB launched to report of two persons stranded on Hoo Island, River Medway, upon arrival, it was discovered, that the two persons were starnded in their dinghy off Hoo, attempts to reach them by foot, were unsuccessful, due to the deep mud, the ILB crew managed to throw them a light line and then the tow line & the ILB towed the dinghy with the two persons onboard off the mud & into deeper water, where they were taken to Gillingham Marina. 2057 – 2305. Wstly 4.
15th September
ILB launched to report of person walking into the River at Chatham, ILB was recalled on route, when it was confirmed the person had been recovered by the Police. 2140 – 2210. Nthly 1/2.
12th October
ALB launched to 22ft Cruiser broken down with 2 persons onboard, pos’n reported as off Allhallows, Casualty eventually located 4 cables SW of Sea Reach No 7, casualty taken in tow and subsequently handed over to Gravesend Lifeboat upriver of Mid Blyth buoy. 2140 – 0006. SE 2.
10th November ALB launched to 32ft Cruiser with machinery failure (fuel problem) off Warden pt, 3 persons onboard, casualty located by Mid Cant beacon, casualty taken in tow for Queenborough hbr where it was secured. 1738 – 1940. Var 2.
11th November ILB & ALB both launched to report of several Wildfowlers cut off by the tide on marshes on Burntwick Island, River Medway, ILB recovered three persons and their dogs and reunited them with other members of the shooting party on safe ground on Sharfleet Marshes. The ALB checked out a further report of wildfowlers cut off on Bishops Ness, the persons were all safe and in no danger. 1235 – 1415. NW 4.
21st December ILB launched to Person threatening self harm on Rochester Bridge, ILB stood proceeded with caution due to nil visibility and then stood off whilst police apprehended person. ILB released at 2345. 2252 – 0036. Lt Airs, Fog.
28th December ALB launched to 30ft Cabin Cruiser with 3 persons onboard, craft reported drifting and making water in vicinity of the Oaze Bank, Southend L/B and Rescue 125 proceeding, ALB arrived on scene, the 3 persons had been rescued from their sinking craft by Southend L/B & were in the process of being airlifted to hospital. The RNLI Lifeboats were stood down after the craft sunk. 1300 – 1425. SW 7.