19th July

Inshore lifeboat launched at 1317 to 7 Mtr Yacht aground close to Martello Tower, Isle of Grain. ILB on scene at 1320, one person onboard. Yacht high and dry amongst the numerous obstructions around Tower. ILB crew laid out anchors fore and aft and made yacht secure. Owner then taken onboard ILB and landed back ashore at lifeboat station, ILB ready for service at 1410. Owner making arrangements to recover craft later in day. SW 6/7.

Inshore lifeboat launched at 2121 to report from Kent Police of a vulnerable person in area of Sun Pier, known to have been in the water, but had come ashore, unsure though if person had re-entered the water. ILB on scene at 2155, commencing search of area. ILB stood down at 2204, when it was confirmed, that person had been detained by Police. ILB back on station at 2240. SW 3.