19th August

Crew assembled at 1630 to incident in East Swale being dealt with by Whitstable Lifeboat. Crew stood down at 1649, Whitstable lifeboat landing persons back at their station.

ILB crew assembled at 2153 to report of small Yacht trapped under berth No 1 at Sheerness, crew were stood down at 2202, when local workboat assisted yacht back into Lower Camber.

Inshore lifeboat launched at 2304 to report of Jet Ski broken down between Queenborough and Sheppey Crossing, ILB located the jet Skier just to the West of Long Point, owner taken onboard and the jet Ski was towed to the all tide landing in Queenborough, where they were met by Sheppey CG. ILB returned to station at 0030. Wstly 4.