18th June

Inshore lifeboat launched at 1448 to report of Children possibly in difficulties off Minster Leas, ILB on scene at 1457, seven children found trying to get back ashore from sandbank to the beach, ILB took them all onboard and landed them close to the beach in safe area, all okay & no medical attention required. Sheppey CRT, CG Rescue Helicopter, Police, Ambulance and Kent Fire/Rescue all proceeded to incident. With children all safe ashore, the ILB was re-tasked at 1505 to a 10 mtr Yacht broken down off Allhallows, 2 persons onboard. ILB on scene at 1524, yacht taken under tow, but due to the size and distance to safety, the All Weather lifeboat was requested, which arrived on scene. Tow passed over and ILB released to return to station.

The All weather lifeboat which had the Yacht under tow made good progress with the tow back to Queenborough Harbour, the yacht being secured alongside the all tide landing at 1720. In the meantime, the ILB had been launched again at 1639 to an empty Inflatable Kayak, reported tied to a navigational mark in the River Medway, concerns that person(s) may be missing from Kayak. ILB arrived on scene, to find that a Speedboat had collected the Kayak, which belonged to them and confirmed that no persons were missing. ILB released. Both the ILB and ALB both arrived back on station at 1733. E 3.