17th September

Sheerness ALB was tasked at 17:58 to respond to reports of a 20ft cabin cruiser reportedly 2.5 NM off of Shellness in the Thames Estuary. Launching at 18:15 with a crew of 7 onboard the ALB made its way to the position given by the UK Coastguard. At 19:03 the Lifeboat had visual on the casualty vessel which was approximately 1.7NM from their position. It was immediately apparent to the Lifeboat Cox’n that due to the ebbing tIde and that L.W was under an hour away that the Lifeboat would not be able to approach any closer to the casualty until 22:30-23:00 when the tide had flooded sufficiently. After conversations with the UK Coastguard who had been in contact with the vessel occupants by mobile phone ( as they had no VHF) confirming that the casualty vessel was anchored, had provisions and were happy to wait the ALB was stood down at 19:49. The UK Coastguard had been in contact with Whitstable Lifeboat Station who would later be tasked to assist once the tide had flooded sufficiently. The ALB returned to Station at 20:59 and was refuelled, washed down and was ready for service at 21:30. NE F5/6.