15th August

Sheerness ILB was tasked at 1417 to respond to a windsurfer reportedly 200m approx. off shore at the Leas, Minster in difficulty due to the off shore wind.
Launching at 1437 with a crew of 3 on board the ILB was on scene at 1441.
RNLI Lifeguards had initially been informed of the windsurfer and one had paddled out on their rescue board and were with the casualty.
The ILB placed both the casualty and the RNLI Lifeguard onto the ILB and transported them both to the beach at the Leas.
Weather part cloudy, Wind SW f4, sea state calm, visibility good.
ILB released from incident at 1505, returned to station at 1520, ready for service at 1545.