11th August

At 11:50  whilst on exercise with Southend Lifeboat in the approaches to Sheerness Harbour, Sheerness Inshore Lifeboat ‘Buster’ was diverted to a Mayday call by the UK Coastguard. The Mayday had been broadcasted by a 29’ yacht with one person on board who had run aground in the Bishop Ooze area of the River Medway. The ILB arrived on scene at 12:16 to find the vessel was hard aground with the tide still ebbing. After contacting the owner via VHF radio he said had decided to remain on his vessel until the next high tide that evening. The ILB was released by the UK Coastguard at 12:45 and returned to station at 13:10 and was refueled and ready for service at 13:30. SW F4/5