10th September

Inshore lifeboat launched at 1611 to report of a 25ft Yacht in difficulties to the west of Nore Marsh, River Medway, due to the inclement weather, the All weather lifeboat launched at 1620 to provide back up and safety cover. Both lifeboats proceeded upriver, no comms with casualty, but visual contact was made at 1638, a craft answering the description was seen sailing down South Yantlet creek and then crossed the marshes into Long Reach, at this point the occupants could be seen waving for assistance, both lifeboats on scene, the ILB crew reported there were 5 male occupants, all without safety equipment and ill dressed for the weather, they were transferred by the ILB across to the ALB, a towline was then secured and the casualty taken under tow for Queenborough harbour, once in the safety of the harbour, the ILB secured alongside and secured the yacht to a mooring buoy. The 5 occupants from craft were landed ashore into the care of Sheppey CRT. Both lifeboat returned to station at 1805. SW force 6 gusting to 9.