10th October

Sheerness ALB was tasked at 02:07 on 10 October by the UK Coastguard to assist an eight-meter Sea-Ray Motor Cruiser with three people onboard which had gone aground on Grain Hard, which is a short distance from the Lifeboat Station at Garrison Point across the estuary mouth.
Launching in thick fog at 02:27  with a crew of six the Lifeboat was with the casualty vessel at 02:40.
Due to the lack of visibility, it was decided that the safest option was to lash the casualty vessel alongside the lifeboat and tow it back to the safety of Queenborough Harbour. Once alongside All-Tide Landing the casualty was released and at 03:41 the ALB commenced the short journey back to its moorings at Sheerness, arriving back at 04:04.
Thick Fog, Wind SW F1, sea state calm, visibility Very Poor., down to 1 Cable or less (appx. 160 mtrs)