10th August

Sheerness inshore lifeboat were tasked at 17:53 on Tuesday 10 August 2021 to respond to reports of a broken down speedboat in a position approximately one mile offshore of the Ashcroft Holiday Park, Thames Estuary.
Launching at 18:10 with a crew of 3 onboard the ILB located the casualty, with some assistance from a crew member ashore with binoculars, and were on scene at18:33.
The speedboat with two people on board was placed under tow and due to the fast-ebbing tide were taken to the All-Tide Landing at Queenborough rather than their original launch site at the Shingle Bank Minster.
The casualty was secured safely on the all-tide landing at 20:00. The lifeboat was released from the incident at 20:09 and was ready ready for service at 20:44.  W F2 Sea State Calm.